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6 Degrees of Separation is a meme invented by Annabel Smith and Emma Chapman. A different book is chosen each month, and then you link six additional books in a chain based on various connections of your choosing. Sounds fun, right?!


The Rosie ProjectApril’s chain starts with The Rosie Project, which I read and loved earlier this year. In the story, Rosie is looking for her biological father, and collects specimens from various dudes, enlisting the help of one, Don Tillman, who specializes in genetics, to assist her in the laboratory. (Do any of you always think of Ross Geller’s fake accent any time you read the word labORitory? No, just me? Ok.)


Never Let Me GoI know, I know – am I ever going to just READ this dang book, instead of incessently TALKING about HOW MUCH I WANT to read it…. Anyways. This story takes place in a dystopian world where genetic engineering is employed to clone humans, as use for spare parts. A wee bit bleak, I’d say.



Our Endless Numbered DaysAnother book I’ve been DYING to read, because people just can’t shut up about it (in a good way, I mean) is Our Endless Numbered Days. From what I gather, this is the story about a girl who lives with her father in a cabin in the woods, isolated from the rest of the world. And then, I think, maybe some other cray-cray stuff happens.



The Light Between OceansIn the case of Tom and Isabel in The Light Between Oceans, they knowingly choose their isolation, as keepers of a lighthouse on an island, inhabited by no one other than these two newlyweds.




Swamplandia!Another book which takes place on a remote island, is Swamplandia! The island is home to a theme park of sorts, showcasing alligator wrestling, among various other less-exciting attractions. The story is told in alternating perspectives of two of the three Bigtree siblings, named Ava and Kiwi.



To Kill a MockingbirdLike Swamplandia!To Kill a Mockingbird is told from the point of view of a child, in this case, Scout. I first read this in honors English class as a freshman in high school, and remember really loving it. 15+ years have passed, and I will absolutely be re-reading this baby before the release of Go Set a Watchman.


The Color PurpleA more recent re-read for me, and another book I first read in high school, though in this case my sophomore year (I think) was The Color Purple. I can say with certainty, I did not appreciate the brilliant simplicity of this book during my first read. There’s just something about being FORCED to read a particular book, even if it’s good, that detracts from the experience, as well as lowers the enjoyability factor.


So, my chain as follows: Genetics  >  Dying to read  >  Isolation  >  Island setting  >  Child protagonist  >  First read in high school.


Check out Annabel’s chain here, and Emma’s chain here. Link yours in the comments below, so I can go check it out!




9 thoughts on “6 Degrees | The Rosie Project

  1. Hi Katie, as you already know from checking out my chain, I’ve read, and loved, To Kill a Mockingbird. Isn’t it funny how we used the same book but linked it in a different way? I’ve also read Light Between Oceans and The Rosie Project – the others on your list are new to me, but now I want to read them all! I know you’ve already been to my blog, but in case there are others who want to check out my 6 Degrees, here’s the link:



  2. Another interesting chain, as per usual! I might give The Rosie Project a look, because I’m into long-lost-family-search kind of stuff. I totally agree with you about how forced reading can seriously put you off a book. It seems like every time somebody talks about a classic they didn’t like they will say ‘I had to read this for school’ or something like that.

    P.S. I absolutely hear Ross too whenever I read laboratory. 😀


  3. Never Let Me Go is a fantastic read so get onto it! Swamplandia has been on my list for a million years and I haven’t got to it yet. Nor have I read The Color Purple, or even seen the movie. I’m so glad you’ve joined the meme – I hope you’ll join us again next month.


    1. I’m still working through my thoughts on Swamplandia, and it’s been about a month since I’ve finished! Thanks for checking out my post, and I will absolutely be playing along next month! 🙂


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