Sunday Post | May 10th – 16th

In Real Life:

  • I ended up having a busy week, with just life stuff in general, so I haven’t made as much reading progress for Bout of Books as I had hoped. BUT, if all goes as planned today, I am desperate to finish off A Little Life!
  • I went through all my “To Be Read” books on Goodreads, and ruthlessly cut out ones I’m no longer interested in. I axed over 200 books, and it feels GREAT!
  • The hubs and I drove up a couple of hours to my home town yesterday to surprise my Dad for his 60th birthday!


In Case You Missed It:


Currently Reading:

A Little Life, A Little Lifeby Hanya Yanagihara

This is an exceptional book, and also one I’m MORE than ready to finish. I plan on fully reviewing this, so watch out for that. No, really, watch out – this book is a swift, hard kick in the feelings. And then when you’re down, it’ll kick you again. (And again, and again – you get it.).



Currently Listening:

How to Build a GirlHow to Build a Girl, by Caitlin Moran

If you’ve been following along with my BoB updates, you will know I finished The Dinner (intense), and now am getting back to this. I only have about 25% or so to go, so it shouldn’t take me too long. I’m debating between listening to Spinster or Yes Please next, so give me your vote in the comments to help me decide!



Currently (Still) Watching:

Parks and Recreation (season 2)

Loving it still. The episode where the team goes hunting, and Amy Poehler spouts off all this stereotypical “female” stuff about being “hysterical” and whatnot is priceless.



Gilmore Girls (season 2)

Depending on whether or not the hubs is around, determines which show I watch. He’s not the biggest fan of GG, but to his credit, he’s probably seen all the episodes WAY too many times now, in the years he’s known (and loved!) me. 🙂



Insert here something about the weather, and how I want it to be warm and sunny! What do ya’ll got going on this week? How did your Bout of Books go?


The Sunday Post is hosted by Kimba @ The Caffeinated Book Reviewer.



9 thoughts on “Sunday Post | May 10th – 16th

  1. I’ve only read (and loved) Yes Please, but I’ve heard the audiobook version is fantastic! I ended up getting it on Audible even though I’ve read it – I’ll re-read it sometime soon via the Audiobook edition.

    Glad to hear you’re still loving Parks and Rec! It’s so so good and just keeps getting better.

    I’ve been re-watching Gilmore Girls season 7. Despite watching seasons 1-5 too many times to count, I rarely watched the last two seasons, so when they came to Netflix I figured I should re-watch them. I’m watching an episode most mornings before Graham wakes up. He’s only seen about 10 episodes total of GG so far, and he likes it, but I don’t want him to watch the painful season 7 before he’s had a chance to watch more of the best seasons! 😀


    1. I know, I always get so sad when I get to the last 1-2 seasons of GG because it just goes downhill from there. I just watched Jess’ first episode, so I’m getting into the good stuff. I LOVE Jess, WAY too much, and always mourn his departure.


      1. Me too! Jess is the best. In my head I just pretend they end up together someday – once Rory’s done with the campaign beat.


    1. YES. I just felt like when I was browsing, I didn’t even know what any of the books were, and there were just TOO MANY. 400ish is still A LOT, but it’s a good start, and already feels more manageable. Glad you were able to shave some off your collection as well 🙂


  2. Oh man! Spinster and Yes Please are both so, so good it’s hard to choose between the two! I’d say Yes Please for something more light-hearted and Spinster for something more thought-provoking (and more literary biography). Not to say that Yes Please wasn’t thought-provoking, but it was definitely more on the celebrity memoir side.


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