Sunday Post | April 26th – May 2nd

In Real Life:

  • I feel like I spent half the week recovering from the crazy busy fun of last weekend… it’s a bitch getting old πŸ˜‰
  • We did a ridiculous amount of yard work this weekend… I have so many plans for the exterior of our house, but I don’t exactly have the greenest of the thumbs. I somehow managed to smother a succulent to death, which I thought were pretty impossible to kill off… apparently not so much.
  • Lastly, and horribly, my dog chipped her tooth somehow, and now has to undergo general anesthesia to obtain a dental X-ray, and to determine what intervention needs to occur (i.e. a sealant vs extraction vs root canal). I’m pretty upset about this, because I was hoping to avoid any general anesthesia events for the foreseeable future, and have always taken such good care of her teeth for that very reason. Ah, well… It’s all going down next month, so I’m sure you’ll be hearing about it again :/


In Case You Missed It:


Currently Reading:

Girl at War: A NovelGirl at War, by Sara Novic

A couple of trustworthy bloggers have read this now, and named it one of their recent favorites… and I was lucky enough (thanks to Monika!) to snag a copy. I have a feeling I’m going to fly through it!



Cloud AtCloud Atlaslas,Β by David Mitchell

Going to try and plow through the middle bits here, and make some more progress with it this week. I took a break and read a few other books, so it’s time to get back at it!



Currently (Still) Listening:

How to Build a Girl

How to Build a Girl, by Caitlin Moran

I’m nearing the halfway mark, and am not sure what to think of this yet. Parts are really funny, it’s full of great one-liners, and I’m loving the narration. But… something’s just a little off for me, and I can’t quite put my finger on it… we’ll see how the rest shapes out.



Currently Watching:

Gilmore Girls (season 1)

I’m always re-watching this show. It’s in the constant rotation, along withΒ Friends.



This weekend, the weather was finally perfect here in Wisco! Nice weather is one of the things I most highly anticipate every year, and I am hoping to enjoy some more outside time this week. What are you most looking forward to this coming week?


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13 thoughts on “Sunday Post | April 26th – May 2nd

    1. Thanks! I’m sure she’ll be fine, I’m just being a worry wart. Imagine if it’s like this with a dog… Hope things improve your work situation – I know I don’t know any of the details, but I can imagine the struggle to go to a place every day that is so negative. 😦


  1. Ha – this is unrelated to reading, but what kind of succulents did you have? Apparently there are two types: one of them is pretty low maintenance, the other one needs to be spritzed with water every other day (or something)! (I also do not have a green thumb…)


  2. Girl, I feel you. I am always some how re-watching Gilmore Girls. It’s to the point that I just put it on in the background when Im getting work done because I know each episode so well I don’t have to focus. It’s just soothing. Same with the office. Glad to have found your site, looking forward to reading your review of Cloud Atlas, it is one of my all time favorites.


    1. I always kind of peter out in my GG re-watching a little before the last season… it just wasn’t the same after awhile, which sucks. Oooh, The Office is another good one – but again, the last few seasons… blech. I actually have never even finished watching all the episodes… should do that one of these days!


  3. We’ve finally got some warmth going on here in northern Wisco too, ahhh, so nice. I don’t want it HOT but I do love a little bit of the high 60s after a long winter.

    Getting old is the pits, for reals. πŸ˜‰ It takes me forever to recover anymore.

    Hope your pooch is doing okay! Speedy recovery!


    1. I just love busting open the windows and doors finally, after such a long winter! Yes, we have to survive the cold, but get such pure joy when it finally warms up, and can truly appreciate those days! πŸ™‚ My dog (Fuji) will be fine, I’m just overreacting, I’m sure. Crazy dog mom alert!


    1. So I love the show, but don’t necessarily think it’s a slam dunk win for everyone. I back watched the episodes in college, and caught the last 2ish seasons or so “live” (back in the days when you had to set up the VCR to record if you weren’t going to be home). I LOVE it a whole lot, and definitely would recommend giving it a try when you get around to it πŸ™‚

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