To Be Read | May 2015

If you read my post yesterday, you’ll know that April was a little off for me on the reading front, and I definitely didn’t get to everything I was hoping to read. Hoping May will be better, and I have a lot of good (I hope) books coming down the pipeline for me. Also, Bout of Books 13 is later this month, and my work schedule is light during that time, so consider this my statement of intention to participate!

Cloud Atlas    Ruby    The Martian    How to Build a Girl

First off, a few books I was hoping to get to last month, and now am hoping to get to this month! Number one on this list should come as no surprise – Cloud Atlas, by David Mitchell. I WILL finish it hopefully early on this month! Ruby is a book I’ve heard a lot about, and that it’s absolutely, devastatingly heart breaking.

I’ve really been wanting to get to The Martian for awhile now, and think it’ll be right down my alley. I’ve heard it’s funny and exciting, and that the main character is a pure delight – all things I love! Lastly, I’m currently listening to the audiobook of How to Build a Girl, by Caitlin Moran and am only a little ways into it. I’m really liking the narrator so far, and am interested to see where it goes.

I have a few ARCs to get to this month which I’m super excited about, and will talk more about those closer to release dates. Lastly, I’ve been trialing the subscription service Scribd (not an affiliate link), and will see where my whims take me in the audiobook format.


What is the book you’re most looking forward to getting to this month? Will you be participating in Bout of Books 13?




17 thoughts on “To Be Read | May 2015

    1. I know, I only request a few each month so as not to overwhelm myself. It can be pretty easy to get carried away, and luckily I’ve avoided that trap so far! Happy reading! 🙂


  1. Cloud Atlas gets kind of tricky in the middle, so it’s not a huge surprise that most of you seemed to get tripped up there. I hope you get through the rest, though, it’s definitely worth it! Looks like you have some great titles lined up for the rest of the year. I really loved Ruby and How to Build a Girl.


    1. I will absolutely finish it, I think I just need a break from it for a book or two. Utter failure for my first readalong, but life happens. I’m loving the narrator of the audio version of How to Build a Girl – pretty brilliant. Your two favorites of April are two of my ARCs to get through this month, so I’m super pumped 🙂


    1. So far I’m liking Scribd for the most part. Sometimes it can be a little glitchy, but nothing too terrible. Also, I’m really only using it for the audiobooks, and there’s many I want to listen to they don’t have. We’ll see how it goes, because right now I can’t justify spending as much as audible costs at this point. You ever tried Scribd?


  2. Ahhhhh I’m so jealous that you’re doing Bout of Books. It falls right on graduation week, so it’s not going to happen for me haha. It looks like you have a lot of good books ahead of you! I loved The Martian and thought How to Build a Girl was alright. I’m most looking forward to reading The Shore this month!


  3. I’m excited to discover your blog! The Martian is great and “pure delight” is a great description of the main character! I finished The Shore last night and am pondering it. I think I loved it, but I was really frustrated with some things about it too. It’s definitely a very unique book and will make you think! I think you saw this on Twitter, but definitely take notes from the beginning about all the characters and their connections. Looking forward to following your blog!


    1. Thanks so much! I’m glad I’ve been warned about taking notes for The Shore, as I confuse characters easily as it is! Is it true the finished book will come with a family tree? I imagine that would be super helpful 🙂


    1. I flew through The Bone Clocks pretty quickly, and everyone said Cloud Atlas was “so much better” (which I haven’t ruled out yet), so I thought I would fly through it as well. I think the sections are just so different, it’s like picking up a whole new book each time I start a new section. I’m sure I’ll like it in the end, it’s just this middle section….. Thanks for commenting!

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