#CloudAtlasAlong | Section 5


In case you need to catch up:


So, obviously, I’m about a week (and a half) behind. This section was interesting, but I feel like it took me FOREVER to get through. Currently, I’m part way through section 6, which is also a bit slow going. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming… I’m looking forward to getting back to the stories in earlier sections.




Section 5 – An Orison of Somni-451

This section had a whole lot going on, and was a bit hard to keep track of. It’s set in a futuristic world, and reads as a dialogue, or interview, between an “archivist” and a “fabricant” prisoner.

The two connections of this section to the previous ones (that I picked up on anyway) are again, the presence of this mysterious comet-shaped birthmark on Somni-451 – who is a clone, and should not have this type of variation. Also, at one point she is watching a “disney” (or movie) of none other than The Ghastly Ordeal of Timothy Cavendish, which gets interrupted half way through, right after Timothy’s “seizure.” Intriguing….

One note that struck a chord with me, is the concept of consumerism and the light in which it is portrayed here. As this is set in the future, is this Mitchell’s way of suggesting this is what we could become? There’s nothing “magical” about this world in any way, thus eliciting a grain of possibility here, that is a bit frightening.


So, what did you think of this section? Any other themes jump out to you, or connections I missed? Do share!



3 thoughts on “#CloudAtlasAlong | Section 5

    1. So happy you finished! I just need to push through this middle part, but I’m struggling for REALS. My husband said he’s going to watch the movie with me when I finish the book…. CAN’T WAIT to hear your thoughts 🙂


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