Tournament of Books 2015 | Final Feels

This week brought the last Zombie Round, as well as the Finals, and ultimately a Rooster was awarded. A bit of an emotional roller coaster starting with disgust, riding all the way back to joy!

If you need to catch up:

Click on each date to be taken to The Morning News judging for that day.
Click on the book covers to be taken to the Goodreads synopsis.


March 30:  An Untamed State  vs  All the Light We Cannot See

An Untamed State   vs   All the Light We Cannot See

Words really cannot describe my emotions about this judging – well, let me clarify – words CAN describe, but are not suitable for children, and probably even some adults. I know last week I said I would be fine with either winning this round, and indeed that’s true, but the way An Untamed State was taken down, was frankly despicable. I’m going to leave it at that, because I just can’t think/talk about it anymore. I was hoping for a re-match for the ladies, but can’t argue too much against All the Light We Cannot See.


March 31:  Station Eleven  vs  All the Light We Cannot See

Station Eleven  vs  All the Light We Cannot See

VICTORY!!!  Despite all my incorrect predictions along the way, I did bring Station Eleven to the end and it was definitely in my top favorite reads from this group of books. In the end, Station Eleven took the win for the Rooster at 15 votes versus 2 votes.


A few final thoughts…

I will definitely be playing along again next year! One change I will employ is to start reading earlier – essentially as soon as the short list is announced.  I felt a little stressed this year to try and get all the books read, and ultimately did not succeed. It also started to feel a bit forced at the end when part of me wanted to be reading other things, but I still felt like I had so much ToB reading to accomplish.  I think if I start earlier, I’ll be able to insert other books to mix it up a little!

I was able to fully or mini review, all of the books I read, and next year will ideally write full reviews of all 16 books. In case you missed it:


Were you satisfied with the winning book? Let me know your thoughts below!


11 thoughts on “Tournament of Books 2015 | Final Feels

  1. I haven’t followed ToB at all, but you all seem to have so much fun playing along, I’ll definitely have to try next year!


    1. Yes, DO IT! It’s so fun, and something to get excited about when all the people around me are excited about basketball (snore). You’d think going to a big basketball college for grad school some of that would have rubbed off… not so much.


  2. I actually had the final two pegged, even though they weren’t what I wanted in the end…I’m happy with the winner. I was surprised by how little I cared after the Untamed State judging, it just left me so sour.

    But I’m totally with you on being back next year. The Tournament is one of my favorite things each year, so I’ll always be game. I think I’ve gotten better at predicting what will be a contender and reading them throughout the year (I had nine of the shortlist read when it was announced), so I’m going to try that strategy again this time around.


    1. I know, I was SO MAD. It helped that the other ToB peeps seems a bit appalled by him as well, so we weren’t in it alone.

      This was my first year participating, so I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. SHARE THE KNOWLEDGE with what books you’re thinking will be up for next year, as it would be nice to have a handful of them read ahead of time. This year I had only read one before the list was announced, so it was definitely a push.


      1. I’m not sure if you’re in either of them, but there are two ToB groups on GoodReads that try to work through the contenders in the “off season”…they’re already making predictions. (One group is closed, so you have to request, but they’ll add you right away.)

        So far, I’d put money on Sweetland, Delicious Foods, Welcome to Braggsville, Hausfrau and A Little Life…so you may be ahead of the game!


      2. THANKS! I’m 1/5, but all of those are on my list. I want to get to A Little Life SO BAD but I know I just don’t have it in me right at this moment. Once I clear a few things out of my metaphorical “inbox” I want to make it a priority.


  3. Fuck the Untamed State judging. Actually ludicrous.
    I’m kind of pleased Station Eleven one. Like it wasn’t the most surprising, but it did deserve to be there I think. I want to play along next year! I just watched from afar haha.


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