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Day in the Life Event

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Just a few words about my “typical” day… I have no such thing as a typical day or a routine. I work varied hours in my job – days, nights, weekends, and so on. Due to working at hospital and wanting to avoid HIPAA violations, photographing a “work day” is not possible for me (nor would I probably have time!). So, I decided to record an “off day,” where I had errands and a bunch of other things to do!

Face of the Day   Today My Name is Angie   Getting My Hairs Did

5:30 AM Husband’s alarm goes off so he can catch his flight – he travels for work from time to time. I kiss him goodbye, and go back to sleep for a bit.

7:00 AM My alarm goes off. I get up, feed the pooch, and get ready for the day.

7:45 AM Head out, and make the necessary Starbucks pit stop. Lately my go-to is a Grande Americano with light cream. And apparently I must have mumbled, ergo, today my name is Angie.

8:00 AM Start the approximately two hour drive north towards my home town. I’ve been listening to the audiobook Swamplandia, by Karen Russell, and I’m not sure what to make of it yet. I seriously don’t know what I did to stay awake before discovering the joy of the audiobook.

10:00 AM Quick stop at DSW Shoe Warehouse to pick out bridesmaid shoes for my sister’s wedding, which is swiftly approaching.

11:00 AM Now is where I admit to driving two hours to get to the hair salon I frequent. I’m highly loyal to my sylist, because she’s amazing. In recent past, I lived out of my home state for three years, and let’s just say, I’ll never leave her again!

1:00 PM Running late! This is my appointment time to get measured for alterations to my bridesmaid dress!

1:30 PM This is the time I actually made it to my appointment, and just walked in like I wasn’t late, and said my appointment was at 1:30 PM. They didn’t say a word, and all was well. (By the way, normally I wouldn’t do this, but they’ve been feisty with me in the past regarding my “out of town” status. Moving on…)

2:00 PM Time to drive back to my homeland. More Swamplandia.

Fuji Feeding   New hairs, and library book   Reading and waiting

3:50 PM Swing through the library to pick up my books on hold.

4:00 PM Arrive home, and it’s time to walk and feed the pooch. Her name is Fuji (like the apple), and she’s the light of my life. For real.

4:30 PM For the next several hours, I clean up a few things around the house, read for awhile, catch up on some blog reading, do some blog writing, answer a few work e-mails, and so on.

RAMEN   Snuggles   Friends

7:30 PM Get the call from my friend that she’s out of work, so I head out to meet her for dinner.

8:00 PM Arrive at the restaurant, which is this delicious ramen place I’m completely addicted to. My selection, Bacon, Apple & Goat Cheese Mazeman Ramen plus Miso Deviled Eggs, looked and tasted SO MUCH better than depicted in the photo above, but I accidentally ate most of it before remembering to take the photo. Mmmmmm….

10:00 PM Back home now, doing some reading before bed and snuggling with the pooch.

10:30 PM I work in the morning, so lights out, and Friends. Zzzzzzz…..


This was super fun, although definitely confirmed I could never vlog, or really be any kind of “lifestyle blogger.” I can’t wait to see all of your Day in the Life posts!



22 thoughts on “A Day in the Life

  1. This was very nice and I love the name Fuji! So cute. Your dinner look (or looked) good. I definitely understand sticking with a beloved hair stylist (have gone to mine for almost 20 years – hope she never quits). And I understand about not sharing the hospital stuff – have a daughter who is a L&D nurse. So, “Angie”, thanks for sharing! LOL


  2. I listened to Swamplandia! too… I will be interested to hear what you thought of it once you finish. And ooooh how I’ve been there with the bridesmaid thing. I’ve got 5 dresses in varying shades of “you will never wear this again” hanging in my closet!


    1. I just got to “the thing,” so we’ll see where it goes from here. I have several dresses in my closet too – these dresses are very pretty and definitely flattering, but when will I ever need a floor length navy dress again, that maybe shows off a little more of the breast region that I would otherwise do…. The answer is never. I’m hoping to try and read The Martian with you this month! 🙂


    1. I’m fully aware it’s insane, I just can’t give her up! Since it’s in my home town I can usually coordinate with other family events and things, like in this case getting my bridesmaid dress altered, so it’s really not so bad. Thanks for checking out my day! 🙂


  3. Your “off” day sounds quite busy, and your food descriptions have made me hungry. 🙂 You’ve also piqued my curiosity about Swamplandia. Great post!


    1. I have a serious ramen problem. I just ate there Thursday, and it’s ALL I CAN THINK ABOUT. I’m not fully sold on Swamplandia! but it just took an interesting turn, so we’ll see! Thanks for checking out my day, and commenting 🙂


  4. I loved how you got away with the 1:30 appointment line. 🙂 Sounds like it was well deserved too, given how they’ve treated you. I wish I could find a hair stylist I liked that much. I’m so tired of shopping around–it’s been years. I don’t know why I can’t settle on someone.

    Thank you for sharing your day with us!


  5. Fun to read about wedding preparations. It’s not so bad to drive 2 hours to your stylist when it’s also your home town — there’s always something to be done there anyway.


  6. If my stylist moved two hours away, I would totally follow. More than that might be a stretch, though. My ex had dreams of moving to Costa Rica for awhile, and all I could think about was “if I move to another county who will cut my hair??!!??”


    1. I LOOOOVE audiobooks, and am so glad I gave them a chance! I really only listen while driving and walking my dog, and manage to get through a few books a month. Let’s you “read” more often, so it’s all good! 🙂 Thanks about my hair – my stylist is a goddess. YOU SHOULD DO IT, I don’t think there’s necessarily an expiration date – I would love to see a bit of your life!


  7. Four hours of audiobook in a day is like heaven! I didn’t discover (or appreciate) audios until I had worked at my commuter job for a few years and now I’m kicking myself for all of that wasted time! Now I try to steal that time whenever I can–especially since my reading time has been eaten up by the littles the past few years.

    and yes, a good stylist is worth the price in gold. I will cry if mine ever leaves! Thanks for sharing your day Katie! 🙂


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