Top 10 Nostalgic Books from Yesteryear

Top Ten Tuesday is a book meme created by The Broke and the Bookish.


Another Tuesday, another topic, and this week it’s one of my favorites – Top 10 Books From Childhood! I was a ravenous reader, even back then, and many of these are near and dear to my heart. Ahhh, nostalgia.



The BFG   Baby-sitters at Shadow Lake (The Baby-Sitters Club Super Special, #8)   Where the Sidewalk Ends: The Poems and Drawings of Shel Silverstein A Murder for Her Majesty   Heaven to Betsy (Betsy-Tacy, #5)

Having just re-read Matilda, for the millionth time and having just recently talked about it, I thought I’d include another Roald Dahl favorite, The BFGwhich stands for the big, friendly giant.

Another staple from childhood is, of course, The Baby-Sitters Club series. I was always so fond of the Super Specials, ESPECIALLY #8, Baby-sitters at Shadow Lake, which I bet I’ve read at least 20 times. I loved how each chapter was from a different perspective (before that was a thing everyone did), and how each character had their own handwriting shown on the pages. Man, when Stacy and Sam kissed… oh sorry, spoilers.

A Murder for Her Majesty is still to this day, one of my favorite books of all time. A young girl’s father is murdered, and the bad guys are after her next. She runs away, and ends up getting accidentally knocked down on the street by some young gentlemen, who turn out to be choir boys at a nearby church, and boarders at the associated school. She is taken under their wing, and disguises herself as a choir boy. OH GOD, IT’S SO GOOD!!!

If you’ve never read the joy that is Betsy, Tacy, and Tib, you are missing out with this series. It is completely and utterly delightful, and one, I think, that can be enjoyed as an adult, even if never read as a youngster. If Kathleen Kelly recommends it, well, what more is there to say?


A Wee Bit Older:

Forever...   The Face on the Milk Carton (Janie Johnson, #1)   Six Months to Live (Dawn Rochelle, #1)   Loves Music, Loves to Dance   Jessica Quits the Squad (Sweet Valley High, #112)

I just recently professed my love of Judy Blume here, so I’ll gloss over that, but – she’s amazing.

What would my adolescent years have been with out Caroline B. Cooney or Mary Higgins Clark? I loved mysteries obsessively back then, and these ladies seemed to never run out of ideas, and had TONS of books each for me to devour. I also loved V.C. Andrews, but that was probably a bit mature for me at the time I was reading it. Oops.

Before John Green’sThe Fault in Our Stars, there was Lurlene McDaniel writing the aptly titled Six Months to LiveA Time to DieSixteen and Dyingand I Want to Live. I just ate these up as a youth.

Last but not least, this list wouldn’t be complete without my besties, Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield from Sweet Valley High. I read this series right up to the bitter end with the earthquake drama! I especially loved the SVH Magna Editions, most specifically the Secret Diaries. So much goodness.


This was so fun, and I look forward to seeing your lists! I’m sure I’ve forgotten so many great books from long ago, and can’t wait to be reminded. Do any of these trigger fond memories for you?



14 thoughts on “Top 10 Nostalgic Books from Yesteryear

  1. Think I’m going to raid my bookshelf at my parents house this weekend and bring back some of these exact reads for some nostalgic re-visits…


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