Tournament of Books | Week 2 Feels

If you missed last week, you can catch-up here. This week brought us to the end of the opening round, and the start of the quarterfinals. Also the daily zombie contender updates, as books continued to be eliminated. Overall, I would say the feeling of the week is bummed – at least for me. The two books I brought to the end in my bracket predictions, both got knocked out this week… so yeah, there’s that.

Click on each date to be taken to The Morning News judging for that day.
Click on the book covers to be taken to the Goodreads synopsis.


March 16:  Station Eleven vs An Untamed State

Station Eleven   vs   An Untamed State

I was disappointed with this a bit. I really liked both books, and knew this was going to be a challenge. I could have seen it going either way, and ultimately An Untamed State took it. Even when reading the judges ruling, I didn’t disagree with anything she said about the excellence of An Untamed State, I just wanted Station Eleven to pull through because I personally liked it more. There’s NO WAY it won’t come back as a zombie- I say with confidence… sort of.


March 17:  Redeployment vs Silence Once Begun

Redeployment   vs   Silence Once Begun

It felt pretty obvious to me that Redeployment would be victorious. Silence Once Begun was one of the books I didn’t quite get to, but despite that, I felt confident in my choice. Well-deserved win, I think.


March 18:  Everything I Never Told You vs Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay

Everything I Never Told You   vs   Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay (Neopolitan Novels, #3)

First, can I say I don’t like how the Ferrante book was the THIRD in a series… like it’s not hard enough to read the sixteen other books!!! So needless to say, I didn’t end up getting to that one, but actually have heard so many glowing comments, I hope to get to the series at some point. I was rooting for Everything I Never Told You, as it was one of my favorites reads of last year, but alas… wrong again.


March 19: The Bone Clocks vs A Brief History of Seven Killings

The Bone Clocks   vs   A Brief History of Seven Killings

If you’ve been reading my thoughts along the way, ya’ll know I favored The Bone Clocks, but sadly, no one with power agreed with me. At this point it’s still a zombie contender, so that’s at least reassuring, for the moment. As April pointed out in her ToB post last week, it seems like the judges are ruling The Bone Clocks, against Mitchell’s other book Cloud Atlas, instead of it’s true competition A Brief History of Seven Killings, which is annoying as all get out. The Bone Clocks versus Cloud Atlas isn’t the challenge here! Boo. The judges at least did acknowledge how hard they were on The Bone Clocks last week, so that made me feel marginally better.


March 20:  All the Light We Cannot See vs The Paying Guests

All the Light We Cannot See   vs   The Paying Guests

I’m shocked. I would call this an upset, methinks. And this officially killed The Bone Clocks, with no hope for zombie resurrection. Insert sad face here.


Halfway there!  What do you think so far? Who’s going to make it to the Championship round? My bracket is officially dead in the water, so I’m just along for the ride at this point!



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