6 Degrees | This Book Will Save Your Life

6 Degrees of Separation is a meme invented by Annabel Smith and Emma Chapman. A different book is chosen each month, and then you link six additional books in a chain based on various connections of your choosing. Sounds fun, right?!


This Book Will Save Your Life

In February, the chain begins with This Book Will Save Your Life, by A. M. Homes, which I admit I haven’t read.  It is about a seemingly estranged man, who has a few necessary key players in his life, which reminds me of another loner, named Don Tillman from The Rosie Project.  


The Rosie Project

Don unexpectedly meets, and develops a relationship with a complex red-haired lady, named Rosie. Although Rosie’s hair is falsely red, and this other gal named Eleanor, from Eleanor & Park, is a natural red-head, we love them just the same.



Eleanor and Park

Eleanor & Park is one of my faves along with Fangirl, written by the amazing Rainbow Rowell, of whom I would read her grocery lists.




In Fangirl, she makes use of the story-within-a-story concept, with alternating chapters of Cath’s “Simon Snow” fan fiction.  This reminds me of the comic book story-within-a-story thread, woven into Station Eleven.



Station Eleven

Additionally, Station Eleven utilizes the popular storytelling technique, of which there are various perspectives that jump around in time before, during, and after a specific event, in this case an influenza epidemic outbreak.



Everything I Never Told You

In the case of Everything I Never Told You, the similar storytelling style revolves around the event of a beloved daughter’s death.  It also has one of my favorite first lines of a novel: “Lydia is dead. But they don’t know this yet.”



The Martian

Another striking first line, “I’m pretty much fucked,” starts off the book The Martian, which I am DYING to read.




So there you have it… I tried not to think too hard, and just went where my stream of consciousness took me!  Check out Annabel’s chain here and Emma’s chain here, and link your lists in the comments below!




8 thoughts on “6 Degrees | This Book Will Save Your Life

  1. I like your chain! I read about a third of Station Eleven and just haven’t wanted to pick it up again… There are so many good reviews so I keep thinking I should keep going.
    I also really want to read Everything I Never Told you so am now popping over to read your review…
    See you next month!


  2. Thanks so much for joining the meme Katie, and I can tell by your list we have similar taste. I loved Station Eleven, and really enjoyed The Rosie Project too. I’m yet to read Rainbow Rowell but keep hearing how great her books are.

    I agree that The Martian has a pretty striking opening line! It was too ‘hard science’ for me – lots of maths calculations about how ling various gases would last etc – but my husband loved it.

    I hope you’ll join us again next month.


    1. Yes, I had a lot of fun, so will be continuing on in the coming months! It’s kind of fun to just see where your mind takes you… You HAVE to read Rainbow Rowell! She just can do no wrong in my eyes – what she does, she does it well. Thanks for checking out my post!


  3. Wow, this chain is a cool idea! I’ve never seen it before. OMG, I am dying to read The Martian too! I love the concept and I’ve heard some really great things about it. Plus that cover…. I can’t get over how awesome it is. 🙂


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