The Ultimate Harry Potter Tag

My love for Harry Potter runs deep — REAL deep.  I plan to have an entire post dissecting my undying devotion in the future, but that’s going to take some time and thought.  But I digress… This exercise will just be a nice little warm-up.  This tag was created by Isi of Just Keep Reading YouTube channel. WARNING WARNING WARNING!!!!  IF YOU HAVE NOT READ THE HARRY POTTER BOOKS, STOP!!! – I REPEAT, STOP READING NOW UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE MASSIVELY SPOILED!!!  Let’s get started….


1. Favorite book?     For the longest time it was HP and the Prisoner of Azkaban, and I still really do love that one.  But currently, I have to say HP and the Half-Blood Prince.  I just really love learning about Voldemort’s past, and the events that lead to the evil villain he became.

2. Least favorite book?    Probably HP and the Chamber of Secrets, mostly because I like the books when they are older so much better.  Sometimes I might answer this as HP and the Order of the Phoenix, only because when I first read the books many moons ago, I had to wait more than 2 years for this book to come out, and essentially it’s a set-up book that you need to keep the plot moving forward, but there’s less action in this one (of course until the very end). I find I like it much more as I’ve re-read the series, than upon my initial read.  Plus I REALLY hate Umbridge – like hate her more than Voldemort.

3. Favorite movie?     Without a doubt HP and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2.

4. Least favorite movie?     Probably HP and the Chamber of Secrets, but I also didn’t love HP and the Goblet of Fire.

5. Made you cry?     I don’t really remember ever crying during any of the books or movies over the story… BUT, when I saw HP and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 in the theater, at the end of the movie when the credits started, I shed a few tears and exclaimed “It’s really over now!” to my husband… where he proceeded to look at me with disgust.  (He doesn’t quite get the whole Harry Potter thing…).  Yeah, so that happened… not embarrassing at all…


6. Favorite Weasley?     Ron, for sure.  He’s just so awkward and flawed, yet really comes through when you need him.

7. Favorite female character?   Minerva McGonagall, absolutely.  She’s just bad a$$, and doesn’t take any crap – ever – from anyone, yet has this soft spot we get glimpses of here and there.  Additionally, when I was reading the books for the first time, before any of the movies were out – I pictured Maggie Smith as her character, which just tells you how perfectly cast she was in the movies.  Freaky.

8. Favorite villain?  Severus Snape, hands down.  He is an intricately complex character, who is mysterious up until the very end.  He is not a good person, but deep down, he is driven by something honest and pure.  Once his true motivation is revealed, all you want to do is start over at the first book with this new information in tow – well, maybe not you, but I sure did!

9. Favorite male character?     Ronald Weasley, for reasons (and more) stated above.  I just like him so much, and find his character a pure delight.  When that story came out about how J. K. Rowling considered killing off Ron… cue intense and utter disbelief! I wonder how my fangirling would have changed had she done that.

10. Favorite professor?     Professor McGonagall.


11. a) Wash Snape’s hair,   or b) spend a day listening to Lockhart rant about himself?  Probably wash Snape’s hair, because it would be over and done with and you could move on with your life.

12. Duel:   a) an elated Bellatrix,   or b) an angry Molly?                              Mmmm… Bellatrix. She’s a shifty one.

13. Travel to Hogwarts via:   a) Hogwarts Express,   or b) flying car?     Definitely Hogwart’s Express.  I want to run through the 9-3/4 wall, and eat some candy.

14. a) Kiss Voldemort,   or b) give Umbridge a bubble bath?     I would FRENCH kiss old Voldy before coming even nearly that close to Umbridge.

15. a) Ride a hippogriff,   or b) ride a firebolt?    Although a hipogriff would be cool, I would choose the firebolt.


16. Is there a character which you felt differently about in the movies versus the books?     Not that I can recall at this moment.  I love how Emma Watson portrays Hermione, but in the book she’s described as not very attractive, so that doesn’t really fit.  But it doesn’t really bother me…

17. Is there a movie you preferred instead of the book?  No, you’ll never hear me say ANY of the movies are better than ANY of the books.  But in terms of favorites, the order is different from the movies to the books… if that makes sense.  Like for example, if I had to pick, I’d say the 5th movie is higher on the list than the 5th book.

18. Richard Harris or Michael Gambon as Dumbledore?     Richard Harris.

19. Your top thing (person or event) which wasn’t included in the movie that annoyed you most.   It annoys me that Cho Chang was the tattle-tale regarding Dumbledore’s Army in the movie, versus in the books it’s her friend Marietta Edgecombe.  It just doesn’t make any sense that it would be her, after the smooch-fest.

20. If you could remake any of the Potter movies, which it be?  The 1st one, … or maybe the 4th one…


21. Which house was your first gut feeling you’d be a part of?   Ravenclaw

22. Which house were you actually sorted into on Pottermore?   Ravenclaw

23. Which class would be your favorite?   Charms, or maybe Transfiguration

24. Which spell do you think would be most useful to learn?  Accio, the summoning charm

25. Which character do you think at Hogwarts you’d instantly become best friends with?   Ron, duh.


26. If you could own one of the three Hallows, which would it be?  Probably the wand – because it can do anything, really.

27. Is there any aspect of the books you’d want to change? This can be a character, an event, anything.  Not really… I mean, I don’t like that Sirius dies, and really – until the very bitter end – kept waiting for him to come back…

28. Favorite marauder?  I really like Lupin.

29. If you could bring one character back to life, who would it be?  Hmmm… so many to choose from… would it be weird to say Hedwig…?  Oh wait, or Dobby.

30. Hallows or horcruxes?   I mean, even if they got the Hallows first, they still would have to get all the horcruxes before the wand could do it’s job… so horcruxes.

Let me know what some of your answers would be, or if you’ve done the tag, link it below!



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