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The Goldfinch




The Goldfinchby Donna Tartt

The Facts:

  • First published in 2013
  • Won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 2014
  • Donna Tartt has written two other books, with 10 years time between each of her published works


The Goldfinch starts with a young boy, named Theo, who loses his mother in a tragic act of violence and finds himself in possession of a famous painting.  The story continues as he grows up through his teen years and into early adulthood, and the ways in which a single moment can alter the trajectory of one’s life.

Non-Spoiler Thoughts:

I’m going to start by saying something, that I hope won’t make you click away from my blog and never return… I hated this book – like, hated it a lot.  BUT, I can see why so many people like it, as well.  I don’t remember such a famous book having a more polarized span of opinions, and it seems to be a book that you either love or hate, with very little in between.

I have never before read anything by, or had heard of Donna Tartt, until The Goldfinch, kept popping up in blogs and podcasts I frequent.  Finally it being awarded the Pulitzer, confirmed to me I had to pick it up – despite its beastly size.  I read the first half of it over 1-2 weeks, and then had to take a three month break, before I could force myself to finish it off. It truly became a personal challenge, and a test of endurance. It was just WAY. TOO. LONG.

I found Theo to be one of the most despicable characters I’ve ever encountered.  I actually thoroughly enjoy an unlikable character, but Theo took it to another level.  I also found him to be incredibly stupid, which didn’t help matters.  Essentially, I just really didn’t care what happened to him, and actually found myself wanting him to get busted in any and all of his illegal activities.

This book was just not for me, and I feel okay about that.  I gave it [2/5 stars] on Goodreads.

| The Goldfinch | Little Brown and Company | 2013 | Kindle book | purchased |

9 thoughts on “Book Review | The Goldfinch

  1. I didn’t find Theo despicable as much as… whiny. LOL Then I felt bad for thinking that, after all he’d been through. But it just went on and on. 😉 Really enjoyed reading your thoughts on this one, and thanks for stopping by my blog!


  2. I was in the ‘love’ camp for this one! I’m always more attracted to books that get either 1 star or 5 stars on Goodreads, as opposed to books that get consistent 3 star ratings – would always rather read a book that encourages extreme opinion.

    I won’t bore you with why I loved The Goldfinch (it won’t win you over at this point)!


    1. Haha, I still always like hearing why people like it! You’re right, I’m not apt to be swayed at this point, but I’m a firm believer that not everyone has to like the same books! I’m still going to check out “The Secret History” sometime this year… you read that one?


      1. Yes, read it when it was first released (decades ago!) and would have been close in age to the characters at the time. I remember thinking it was marvellous!


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